IH's Mechanical Rotation Sieve


IH's Mechanical Rotation Sieve

IH’s mechanical rotation sieve “Beastie Separator” was designed for industries dealing with insoluble impurities left in industrial wastewater. Working with beastly power, this mechanical wastewater pre-treatment system will separate all large insoluble materials before your wastewater goes into processing.

The “Beastie Separator” system is designed to be placed in very aggressive environments. Because it is manufactured from polypropylene, the mechanical rotation sieve doesn’t have any corroding qualities and is resistant to acids. Industrial companies need their gadgets and apparatuses to never let them down. And that’s what you are getting with “Beastie Separator”, a system with a very long service life.

Rotation sieves with filtration between 0.15 mm to 5 mm are available. The system may be used as a separate technological unit, as well as an integrated solution in the larger wastewater treatment system. Custom solutions are also available.


SUPER POWER: Removes Solids with the Power of a Thousand Beasts

Adjusted for the Following Industries
  • Municipal Wastewater treatment plants
  • Slaughter-houses
  • Fish processing companies
  • Meat processing companies
  • Fish farms
  • Food industry companies
  • Beverage manufacturing
Super power

Removes solids with the power of a thousand beasts.

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