Factory Alchemist
IH’s Industrial WWTP


Factory Alchemist
IH’s Industrial WWTP

Our most popular and bestselling product, “Factory Alchemist” is a state-of-the-art industrial wastewater treatment plant. The plant is manufactured exclusively from EU-made parts. The system is perfectly geared to remove all solids and substances before treating process water and reclaiming it for reuse. “Factory Alchemist” is a universal Lego-type modular system that can be applied in a variety of industries including slaughter-houses, meat processing companies, food industry companies, fish processing companies, fish farms, etc.

This plant is very compact, easy to warm up, and has a long service life. It also features outstanding outflow parameters of highly purified water. What’s also great about this solution is that you don’t need to lay the structure into the ground. As a modular above ground WWTP, “Factory Alchemist” is cheaper and quicker to install, and, if need may be, it can be taken apart and transported to a different location.

From the technological perspective, “Factory Alchemist” stands out as a truly innovative system. It features a completely automatic treatment process with a smart control function, immediately informing the user whenever there’s a need for maintenance works. The entire process is designed for users to spend the shortest possible time at operating the WWTP. The body of the plant is made of polypropylene rendering the system resistant to various loads. “Factory Alchemist” is also insulated which means that it can withstand even the harshest winter conditions. What’s more, the plant can be conveniently connected to pre-existing engineering communications.

Finally, you may be wondering why we are calling it the “Factory Alchemist”. That’s because it has the power to turn waste into gold. The system represents excellent return-on-investment: on average, the investment pays off in 24-60 months. After that, you are making money out of thin air.


SUPER POWER: turns waste into profit while making your factory cleaner, smarter and greener.

Adjusted for the Following Industries
  • Municipal Wastewater treatment plants
  • Slaughter-houses
  • Fish processing companies
  • Meat processing companies
  • Fish farms
  • Food industry companies
  • Beverage manufacturing
Super power

Turns waste into profit while making your factory cleaner, smarter and greener.

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