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Every company needs a hero to stand up, speak the truth about wastewater, and stair the company’s ship in the right way. You can be that hero, and save your company a fortune, while also helping the environment.

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Investment WWTP

Our wastewater treatment plants represent a bullet-proof investment opportunity. Whenever you present us with your wastewater challenges, we deliver a solution and present you with a clear-cut return on investment formula.

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We were seeking a wastewater treatment solution that was fully compatible with the latest environmental regulations. In the end, we determined your product (Factory Alchemist) to be the most cost-efficient option.

Mr. Janeks Ēltamms
executive director at the KZRO Union

We needed an efficient solution for removing all solids before the process water could be treated. Your solution was suitable for us in terms of price and quality. What was also important was your commitment to a quick and easy installation process.

Mr. Vilnis Ābele
technical director at SIA “VERĢI”
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