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Industrial water treatment is not a sexy topic. In fact, it’s so dull and stress-inducing that many companies choose to ignore it by postponing strategic decisions on wastewater projects. Captains of industry don’t want to be bothered with wastewater while they are coming up with new plans for world domination.
We get that.

But we also know that procrastination can lead to big problems. Your monthly municipal wastewater fees mount up, regulators are increasingly aggressive on fines, and you are always at risk of desecrating your local natural environment. Nobody wants that, right? Every company needs a hero to stand up, speak the truth about wastewater, and stair the company’s ship in the right way. You can be that hero.

Investment WWTP™

“Industrial Heroes” is a manufacturing company specializing in industrial wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). Our on ground modular and adjustable wast water systems represent the most cost-savvy solution to chronic wastewater problems. What’s crucial to realize, however, is that we’re not selling you a business expense, we’re offering you a bullet-proof investment opportunity. Investment WWTP™ is a concept we coined to express the long-term value our products brings to industrial companies.

Challenging inertia

Investment in state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plans sounds like a no-brainer, right? So why are so many food and beverage plants lagging behind? B cause companies are like people. They have a psychological tendency to inertia. Even the largest and smartest organizations tend to postpone obvious decisions as “spending for today” attitude prevails over long-term considerations.

We are looking for industrial heroes

It is our mission to challenge this stagnant organizational philosophy. What we have noticed from our experience is that change begins
to happen once one or several individuals in the company start acting. Having realized the benefits of upgrading or adopting modern WWTPs, the brave ones dare to take initiative. It might be a CEO, a CTO, a Production Manager or whoever.

These early adopters are paradigm shifters who, slowly but surely, produce a domino effect to transform the organizational thinking on wastewater management. The way we see it, these people are the world’s unsung industrial heroes. By transforming organizational thinking, they optimize the use of organizational resources thereby saving their companies a fortune. They help reduce humanity’s negative footprint on the environment. And they help us grow our business. They are the true Industrial Heroes who turn waste into gold with Investment WWTP™. We take it on ourselves to reward them with the respect they deserve.


WWTPs are custom-made to fit perfectly into your production premises and to match your specific wastewater treatment needs.


IH WWTPs are always built above ground. Modular above ground wastewater treatment plants are both cheaper and quicker to install.

Made in EU

As an EU-based manufacturer, we are committed to producing and sourcing only premium quality EU-made materials

Key Team Members

Competent, professional and experienced employees – specialists – are the greatest value of our company.

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