About us

“Industrial Heroes” is a manufacturing company being a part of LZT Group. We are contract manufacturers specializing in biogas and wastewater treatment fields. Industrial Heroes are run by enthusiastic employees building prefabricated plant parts and pipeline systems in our workshops. Our facilities include 2 different workshops for plastic and metal being unique contract manufacturers in the field.


INDUSTRIAL HEROES give warranty and commitment to the highest quality associated with our brand. We use premium quality EU-made raw materials, which meet requirements of relevant tank design standards.

All in one

We have engineering, production, and quality control in-house, i.e. we are able to supervise quality and guarantee solutions that satisfy the most stringent requirements.

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Meet the Team of Industrial Heroes

When we came up with Industrial Heroes as the name for our company, we weren’t thinking about ourselves. We were thinking about the people who represent our client companies working in industrial organizations. In our eyes, they are heroes who challenge organizational inertia and convince their companies to invest in solutions. By doing so, they help optimize the use of resources thereby saving their companies a fortune. And they also help reduce humanity’s negative footprint on the environment. To us, that’s the definition of an industrial hero. Every Batman, however, needs a Robin. If you are the main super hero, then we are your loyal sidekicks. In this piece, therefore, we want to introduce you to the key people at IH. These professionals work every-day to make sure that our products and services bring maximum value to industrial companies all around the world.

We introduce you to the key members of our team. In the world of industry, you are Batman, and we are Robin. It's always a good idea for a hero to know his sidekick before they go on adventure. Therefore, in this piece, meet our key team. We believe that B2B cooperation is always stronger when there's also a powerful human connection between the two parties. We made the first step. Now it's your turn to tell us about yourself and your needs.

Lauras Zakarauskas
Armands Urmons
Rolandas Urbietis
Head of Production
Gaudentas Verketis
Head Engineer
Mindaugas Babrauskas
Export Manager
Laurita Pilvinytė
Export Manager
Viktorija Masiulionienė
Export Manager